Cut your meal bill by 2kg per head per day

With litres from forage on dairy farms in Northern Ireland ranging from 2260 to 4550 (Agrisearch), better forage utilisation is one of the biggest efficiency gains available.

Genetic production alignment, grazing management and better quality silage are the main factors influencing litres from forage. One method of improving forage utilisation is the use of an EU approved silage inoculant such as Provita Advance+. On farm mini-silo tests have shown yield improvements from 0.75 to 2.5 litres per cow per day. At 1 litre per cow per day this would require and extra 2kg of meal to achieve this. Another way of taking advantage of this improvement is, with silage starting quality being equal, cut the level of meal fed by 2kg per day or 300kg per winter and maintain yield at the same level.

Advance+ is a unique 3 strain product containing 2 lactic acid producing strains and 1 acetic acid producing strain. When applied at the recommended rate it supplies a guaranteed minimum of 1 million cfu per g of forage at point of application. The Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus pentosaceus strains give a rapid lactic acid fermentation and the Lactobacillus brevis converts some lactic acid to acetic acid. The strains work together to give the benefits of a traditional rapid lactic fermentation plus improved stability at feed out. Advance+ can therefore be used in forages of all levels of dry matter plus in a wide range of crops including grass, wholecrop and maize.

Silage additives within the EU have been overhauled over the last 10 years as they have come under the EU feed additive regulation. Therefore only strains approved within the EU feed additive register can be used in a silage inoculant. Every strain must undergo standardised testing for safety and efficacy, not all products have passed these tests, however the strains in Advance+ have passed these tests and produced excellent results.

Advance+ is available in liquid and granular form. The ready to use granular product is available in 20kg tubs that treats 50 tt and is applied at 400g per tt. The 1 kg powder to liquid box treats 100 t of grass. Advance+ liquid is a ready to use product and can be applied at standard 2L per tt down to 50 ml per tonne.

To ensure the best results from Advance+ the following good silage making tips should be followed to ensure a high quality crop is preserved. Ensile good quality forage; no weeds; no soil; no nitrogen do a test if in doubt; mow down after 11am, do not wilt more than 48 hours; consider shorter wilt time in very dry conditions; ensile crop quickly; roll in layers as it goes in; roll for no more than 2 hours at the end of the ensiling process; if ensiling over two days or more put a light cover on overnight; if ensiling over two days or more do not roll the following morning as this will allow air back into the partly fermented silage, instead spread fresh crop over the clamp, and then roll it; use covers for the sides of clamps.

Special discounts are available for quantity and cash prices worth up to 15p per tt. Applicator deals are available for all types of harvesters and ballers. Contact Tommy Armstrong on 07720101444 for more information.