Come and meet Provita this summer!

Provita will have a major presence at many of the key agricultural events taking place throughout the length and breadth of the UK this summer. And the company is extending an invitation to farmers, vets and merchants to come along and find out more about them.

“Events kick off next week with the AVSPNI summer CPD event for vets on Wednesday June 19th on Iain McLean’s farm, Bushmills. It will feature Colin Penny and Roger Blowey as key speakers and is jointly sponsored by Provita and Zoetis. More details are available in the Vet Calendar on the website.

“The following day we are off to the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh,” confirmed Provita’s Tommy Armstrong.

“This event attracts many visitors from Northern Ireland. We will be profiling a number of new products on the stand. And, naturally, we would be delighted to meet up with as many folks from home as possible. “

Monday July 1st  will be marked by Provita’s presence at NSA Sheep Northern Ireland 2013. It will be held in Ballymena Market. And then it’s on to the Livestock Event in Birmingham on the 3rd and 4th of July.

“We will also be sponsoring part of the sheep section of the Clogher Valley show on Wednesday July 31st,” Tommy added.

“Then we have the International Conference on Lameness in Ruminants on the 11th to 14th of August in Bristol.

“The recent improvement in the weather and improved livestock prices have put farmers in much better form. The shows offer farmers the opportunity to get  perspectives on how new thinking, products and technologies are being applied within agriculture.

Provita will be profiling two new products over the coming weeks.

ProVitaMin is a new range of chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements in an ultra-concentrated liquid drench form. There is a Cattle and Sheep version. They contain all the essential chelated minerals, vitamins and trace element that cows or sheep need at service or pre tupping.

The new products contain 25 different elements at a high level to help correct deficiencies, improve fertility and improve performance. The high level of B vitamins helps stimulate appetite and the chelated metals allow for a slow release benefit.

Due to its higher concentration 50ml is all that’s required for adult cattle and  10ml is all that’s needed for adult sheep, facilitating quick and easy drenching.

Hoofsure Konquest is now available in convenient 15g, 30g tubes and 300g tubs, as well as the original 300g tube format. Used to tackle the challenge of lameness on an individual basis, the product comprises a mix of a unique concentrated organic acid and tea-tree oil gel which has a potent penetrating action. It should be used with a hoof bandage wrap where required to help improve hoof health. In many cases farmers will see it working within minutes and mobility can be improving within days.

Visitors coming on to the Provita Stands at the upcoming events can avail of special offers at the show including 1+1 free on the Provitamin and the Konquest ranges.