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Provita can now offer equine, small animal, and our bird/exotics products only direct to UK/Ireland buyers online.  To place an order simply select the products you’d like to buy by clicking the Add to Cart button.  A shopping cart will appear in the right side-bar of the page.

Postage and packing of £8.50 (UK/Ireland orders only) will be applied automatically to orders below £50.  When your ordering is complete simply click on the PayPal button and you can enter your shipping, credit card or PayPal account details on the order page.

Please note that prices quoted include VAT at the standard UK rate (where applicable).

Please allow 7-14 days for delivery.  We ship using Royal Mail.

Note: If you are an overseas customer and wish to order these products please call us and we can advise on overseas shipping costs and take your credit card order via phone.  Or we can put you in touch with a local supplier.  Telephone: +44 (0)28 8225 2352 (we’re open 9am to 5pm UK time).

Code Product Add to Cart Price Inc UK VAT @20%
  Equine Products    
ALTH30 Horse & Foal Lacteal Paste

AWDH500 WD (water dispersible probiotic)
EQUI100 Equigest (z) 1kg
EQUI250 Equigest (z) 250g
QCCB350 Colostrum for Foals (500ml)
CMGE500 Mint E Gel (500g)
FVPRHX12 Prolyte Extra for Competition Horses (12 x 76g)
FVEQPR30 Equilyte Paste (30g)
EHSAH005 Equiband (500ml)
EHSAH250 Equiband (250ml)
  Small Animal    
BRSAD15 Canine Recovery (15ml)
BRSAC15 Feline Recovery (15ml)
AGH100 Greyhound (100ml)
  Birds & Exotics    
AWDG500 Game Guard (500g)
AWDG5KG Gameguard (5kg)
BPAV100 Avian (100ml)
AWDO500 Ostrich (500g)
ALTL30 Llama & Alpaca Recovery Paste (35g)
AWDPG250 Pigeon Guard (250g)
AWDPG500 Pigeon Guard (500g)