Advance+ Excellent for Dry and Wet Conditions

Independent trials submitted to the new EU silage additive registration and approval system have demonstrated excellent efficacy for Provita’s new silage inoculant Advance+.

It demonstrated excellent efficacy on easy, moderate and difficult to ensile crops, including grass, red clover, alfalfa, whole crop maize and corn cob mix. These trials were done on dry-matters from 24% to 69% and on sugars from 1.1% to 5.78%.

The key results showed that crops treated with Advance+ had average differences of; 41% less dry matter losses 12.9% v 7.6%; 13% lower pH 4.7 v 4.1; 108% more stability at feed out 3.14 days v 6.52 days. All silage additives strains must be approved within the EU registration system.

Advance+ silage inoculant is a combination of unique lactic acid and acetic acid bacterial strains at a rate of 1.2 million per g of grass. The lactic acid bacteria give a rapid drop in pH to keep more nutrients in the clamp, this is worth on average 53t of forage in a 1000 t clamp and will give a good fermentation in wet conditions even when sugars are as low as 1%. The unique acetic acid bacteria then take over and convert some of the lactic acid to acetic acid. This acetic acid is very effective at killing off spoilage yeasts and moulds resulting in a more stable crop with less heating. This is equally useful in warm conditions, higher dry matter crops, when grass is tedded out and when there is a risk of some soil contamination in wetter conditions. Even in lower dry matter conditions when heating or spoilage is not evident there will be background levels of these undesirable micotoxins, the use of Advance+ will help reduce these and improve rumen health.

For more information on the highly effective Advance+ and deals on applicators for all types of harvesters call Tommy Armstrong on 07720101444.